Humanity will abandon smartphones in ten years

Veon's director of digital products, George Held, predicted that humanity would abandon smartphones within ten years. According to him, this device will be a rudiment, and will be replaced by more advanced technologies.

The expert noted that currently the mobile device is only required for user authentication and information transfer. He clarified that identity can be determined differently, for example by face or fingerprints and voice, and information can be projected onto the wall or mirror with an IoT (IoT - Internet of Things) sensor. .

"Therefore, the telephone is a rudiment, in 10 years it will not be, it will be replaced by us, the people. And the grandmother, who got lost in the center of the city, will not have to call anywhere: she can ask the walls "How come home?", and the wall will show you the way with an arrow "- gave a futuristic prediction Realized.

 He concluded that the smartphone, like the implantable chip, is an outdated technology, so in ten years it will outlive itself.
Tio Lu

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