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Welcome, you are here for the 20 best free premium blogger templates 2022 right? I guess yes! if that it's then you are here in the right place to know about them.

This article is going to bring and explain to you more about the 20 best free premium blogger templates 2022, which are the best selections from [Android Pols] and I hope you will like them and use them on your blogs.

In blogger templates, there are many different types of templates that are made for different purposes like the way some groups of people are creating free blogger templates for everyone to use them without any limitation it's only that when you removed their credit from the footer link you will have an issue with them or with the template. 

Also, there are other groups of people that create blogger templates for premium version users (Buyers) but do also provide free versions for others whereas there is a limitation on using them too. Because there will be no allowance of using premium features also most important functional codes were encrypted except for the premium versions. Using them can cause low functionality on your blog like slow post-loading duration, bad SEO results e.t.c.

You can also get a blogger template made premium for free users that don't have money to afford to buy them and also which customization is allowed and others.

After knowing little about blogger templates now let me list you the 20 best free premium blogger templates 2022, and also provide you with their descriptions, previews, and download links.


Seoify free premium blogger template is the first and the best selection out of the 20 best free premium blogger templates 2022, this template is a simple, super-fast, SEO optimized, and minimalist layout blogger template.

Seoify blogger template is a template made by the best template designers company templateify with the aim and hopes to be the best minimalist layout blogger template for the whole time. 

Seoify blogger template is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and easily customizable blogger template. Click the preview button to view other more features of the seoify free premium blogger template.


SeoPro free premium blogger template is another blogger template that has a simple design, a minimalist post displaying, Adsense ready, best SEO implementation, and support full control on blogger layout editor.

SeoPro free premium blogger template is a blogger template that has a flexible layout and fixed menu, all theme colors can be altered to the way you need them in addition it comes with the best night mode enabling button, cookies consent notification, and all over supports RTL version. To view more about seopro blogger template and download it, use the below preview & download buttons.


TechMag free premium blogger template is the best technology blogger template, made especially base on creating tech blogs, android tech blogs, and so on.

TechMag blogger template is the template used mostly by blogging experts and tech professional blogs with due respect to the template's awesome design.

The techMag blogger template has three-column featured posts displaying widgets, awesome fonts, night mode button, fast loading ability, SEO integration-based, valid descriptions meta tags, and fixed post breadcrumbs. You can download the techmag blogger template below


BuzzSpot free premium blogger template has now become the simplest & the best blogger template mostly used by many bloggers.

BuzzSpot responsive blogger template is a template made by the probloggertemplates company to focus on most topics that people always put in writes on, it also has the best SEO integration meta tags as well, and super awesome fast loading ability.

The buzzSpot blogger template has the best layout consisting of a homepage grid feature posts widget displayer, lovely fonts (including Montserrat font), and supports blogger customizations in the editor.


SoraEdge free premium blogger template is another super awesome and cool stylish best blogger template made with all pure heart by soratemplates.

SoraEdge blogger template is a responsive and mobile-friendly blogger template that comes with features like infinite scroll, social media share icons, premium plugins, posts shortcodes, fixed post breadcrumbs, fixed menu, valid SEO tags e.t.c.


TechSpot free premium blogger template is now the most trending best tech blogger template in 2022, this template is also created by the probloggertemplates company too, with a hope to make it look like a professional WordPress theme.

TechSpot blogger template doesn't stop here it's also a simple and nice-looking professional blogger template, the best thing with the techspot blogger template is that you can edit its fonts, colors, and widgets without even being an expert in coding. 

Download the techspot professional blogger template below.


SpotBuzz free premium blogger template is a new template recently released by templateify blogger template company with extraordinary features like the way they optimize the speed of the template loading, add more SEO plugins for best search results on any search engine.

SpotBuzz blogger template is a premium responsive blogger template and also it's a flexible template that has the best 100% unique design, as I observed it's an update to their recently published 2021 litespot blogger template because they almost come to look alike in layout but there are more different features between them so far.

Median Ui

Median Ui free premium blogger template is now the best and the most popularly used blogger template by so many blog owners, the template is mobile & SEO friendly, the version of median UI started from median UI v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and now the latest version is v1.6.

The median Ui blogger template has been already optimized since its initial versions but the template is still getting updated from time to time, to make it more perfect in terms of using it on any blog.

The template is made by jagodesain, Also comes with the best features like the night mode button, fast loading, well SEO optimized, arranged google valid data structure, and more.

Fletro Pro

Fletro pro free premium blogger template has become the alternate version of median ui blogger template in terms of using because all the two templates have some similarities which everyone can select any in between the two templates and use it without having any issues.

Fletro pro blogger template has passed through different version stages of creation like the way median ui template was, actually some people preferred to use the fletro pro template than median ui while some uses median ui than the fletro pro template, it depends on which template it's your choice.


Fiksioner free premium blogger template was the best template out of the igniel templates, yes! because the template has gone through long stages of publication.

Fiksioner blogger template is a template that doesn't require any additional information on how to use it because in the template file all documentation is written there, it also comes with the best features that other premium templates have, it's only that the night mode button is not available in the template.

Fiksioner blogger template comes in two different versions free and premium, though all source codes made in the template are premium and there is no limitation in both templates' version features, it's only that you cannot remove the footer link credit from the template.


LiteSpot free premium blogger template is a new and stylish blogger template made for blogs that write on topics/niches like tech, new, tutorial, android & personal blogs.

The litespot blogger template has different unique font styles, attractive colors, a friendly user experience, and fast loading to download the litespot blogger template use the button below.


Jannify free premium blogger template is another trending blogger template that has a simple and minimalist layout design, this template has a fixed sider bar and painless menu for the best user experience.

Jannify blogger template is a template that will bring your more income, especially when displaying ads by monetization method.

Jannify blogger template has the best and premium post shortcodes implementations, also everything regarding this template can be easily edited through the blogger layout editor from the dashboard.


EventMag free premium blogger template is another special blogger template created by templatesyard. this is the first awesome template made by the templateyard with the hope to be among the best trending blogger templates.

The eventMag blogger template has some added important features, like the infinite scrolling ability, dark mode button, important page links at the template head, for fast AdSense approval & fastest post indexing.


Starter free premium blogger template is a blogger template with a simple structure, it's a template that doesn't have many widgets, this allows it to load every page of your blog fast, it's a template made with pure codes from scratch to show it's an actual unique design.

Starter blogger template is a template that is also created by the probloggertemplates, the template still has some features that make it likely to everyone, all menus are fixed, with colorful design in addition to night mode enabling button. To know more about the starter blogger template use the following buttons.


NewSpot free premium blogger template is a new blogger template that follows the WordPress magazine themes by design with premium features, it's a template that can be used to create many blogs of different niches without having anything going wrong.

NewSpot blogger template is a template that a lot of ideas were put in to make it look more professional and mobile-friendly, hence also using special codes to enhance your blog appearance and optimization.

Colour Ui

Colour Ui free premium blogger template is now the best ui template after a template named median ui, yes it's the best blogger template with material ui design that uses SVG icons to beautify and customize its looking.

Colour Ui blogger template has so many advantages of use, in most cases, you may need to customize the blog SVG icons to the way you need by adding new custom ones.

Piki Lyric 

Piki Lyric free premium blogger template is a fully responsive & mobile-friendly blogger template designed based on lyric blogs, which is created by pikitemplates.

Piki Lyric blogger template can also be used for music downloading & poem blog sites, to download the best template version use the below buttons to download it.


Plate free premium blogger template is the best among the cooking and recipes blogger templates in 2022, this comes along due to the extraordinary design of the template and responsiveness of the template.

The plate blogger template has meaningful looking, best design for everyone's use is very good when it comes to fast loading and easy to edit.


Amia free premium blogger template is a super awesome design blogger template, with an excellent post layout structure, it's the best SEO optimized theme and best Adsense ready template.

Amia blogger template was created with all pure mind to have a good chance of ranking in Google search & other search engines.

Nikk Ui

Nikk Ui free premium blogger template is the last among the 20 best free premium blogger templates in 2022, not because that it's not good, no it's one of the best templates I have loved to use and many people do also request for the template, this template has a good design, and fully fixed sidebar.

Nikk Ui blogger template has a beautiful font and best ui design with awesome nightmode key, to download and enjoy premium features of nikk ui blogger template use the below buttons.


These are the 20 best free premium blogger templates out of our selection and I hope you will like each one of the templates and enjoy it for free in your blogs.

If you encountered any error in downloading the templates please let us know by messaging us on our contact page or in the comment box below.
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