A Story of Honesty and Faith: How a Muslim Keke Driver Returned an iPhone 13 Pro Max

A Story of Honesty and Faith: How a Muslim Keke Driver Returned an iPhone 13 Pro Max

This is a true story that happened to me and my friend Vera Onyekwere. We were in Kastina state, Nigeria, for a business trip. One day, we took a keke (a three-wheeled vehicle) to go to a meeting. Vera had her iPhone 13 Pro Max with her, which she had bought recently for over 1 million naira (about $2,500).

When we got off the keke, Vera realized that she had left her phone inside the vehicle. She panicked and tried to call the driver, but he had already driven away. We thought we had lost the phone forever, and Vera was very upset.

But then, something amazing happened. The driver, whose name is Lebani, called us back and said he had found the phone. He said he would return it to us as soon as he finished his current ride. He said he was a Muslim and he could not take what was not his own. He said he did not care about the value of the phone, he only cared about his faith.

We were so relieved and grateful. We waited for him at the same spot where we had taken his keke. He came back after a few minutes and handed over the phone to Vera. He did not ask for anything in return. He just smiled and said he was happy to help.

We were so touched by his honesty and generosity. We offered him some money as a token of appreciation, but he refused at first. He said he did not do it for money, he did it for Allah. We insisted and begged him to take the money, and he finally accepted. We thanked him profusely and hugged him. He wished us well and drove away.

We were amazed by his act of kindness. He could have easily sold the phone and made a lot of money, but he chose to do the right thing. He showed us what Islam teaches us: to be honest, trustworthy, and compassionate. He is a true example of a good Muslim and a good human being.

We want to share this story with the world and appreciate Lebani for his deed. He deserves to be recognized and celebrated. God bless him and his family. Alhamdulillah.

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