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How TikTok Ruined Rahama Saidu’s Education
How TikTok Ruined Rahama Saidu’s Education 

How TikTok Ruined Rahama Saidu’s Education

Rahama Saidu is a young woman who loves to make videos on TikTok, a popular social media platform. She is also a student who was pursuing her education until recently. But her passion for TikTok turned out to be her downfall, as she was kicked out of school for violating the rules and norms of her institution.

Rahama Saidu is not just a student, but also the eldest child in her family. She has a younger brother who depends on her, and parents who are not in good health. She was hoping to complete her education and secure a better future for herself and her family. But her addiction to TikTok made her lose sight of her goals and responsibilities.

In a video that went viral on social media, Rahama Saidu can be seen wearing a veil and sobbing uncontrollably. She begs for forgiveness from her parents, her school, and the public. She says that she did not intend to harm anyone or break any laws. She claims that she was only expressing herself on TikTok, and that she did not realize the consequences of her actions.

Rahama Saidu’s story is a cautionary tale for many young people who are obsessed with social media and fame. It shows how TikTok can ruin one’s education and reputation, and how important it is to balance one’s online and offline life. Rahama Saidu may have lost her chance to finish her education, but she still has a chance to redeem herself and learn from her mistakes. We hope that she will find a way to overcome this setback and achieve her dreams.

Watch the video of Rahama Saidu begging for what happened

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