AISHA ABBA EL-MUSTAPHA (Lateefa): A Young Quran Memorizer

AISHA ABBA EL-MUSTAPHA (Lateefa): A Young Quran Memorizer
AISHA ABBA EL-MUSTAPHA (Lateefa): A Young Quran Memorizer

 AISHA ABBA EL-MUSTAPHA (Lateefa): A Young Quran Memorizer

I am proud to share with you the amazing achievement of my daughter, Aisha Abba El-Mustapha (Lateefa). She has memorized the entire Quran at the age of 12. This is a remarkable feat that requires dedication, discipline, and devotion. Abba Elmustapha 


According to her mother, Aisha started her journey of Quran memorization when she was six years old. She enrolled in a Quran school where she learned the rules of recitation (tajweed) and the meaning of the verses. She spent hours every day listening, reading, and repeating the Quran with her teachers and peers. She also reviewed what she had learned at home with me and her father. She was motivated by her love for Allah and His book, and by the encouragement and support of her family and friends.

Lateefa and her parent

Abba El-Mustapha wrote, I am grateful to Allah for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter who has made me proud and happy. I pray that He will protect her, guide her, and make her among the righteous. I also pray that He will make the Quran a source of light, guidance, and mercy for her in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.

He posted some pictures from her Quran graduation on his Instagram page. You can see them here. 

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