An Easy Way To Download Any Video Online


People often find it difficult to download videos from the internet or on social media. This is because it is the result of their unwillingness to own the material.

But this is not the only thing that hurts. You can see a video that you like and wanted to download, but you can not do that because of this issue.

So here is a simple solution to that, and I hope you will enjoy and use it nicely.

How To Download Any Video Online

Using this method you can download any video from Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and other websites directly.

If you are on social media and you watch a short video, willing to download it, just click on the video option and then click on the copy link option then kindly visit this website y2meta and paste the link.

You will be introduced to different downloading options including mp3 and mp4 file sizes.

Use the download buttons to download your desired video file size.

This is how you will be doing anytime you found a video that you like to download on your phone or personal computer.

Remember even if it's a youtube video you can paste the video link there on the y2meta website and download it without having any problem.

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Suleiman Inuwa

I am a professional website developer and also an SEO expert.

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