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How To Protect Your Android Phone From Being Hacked

Dear friends, welcome back to my blog for the new tutorial about android mobile phone, today I am going to show you how to protect your mobile phones from hackers and identify who is spying on your phone without even your permision, this is really a very annoying thing. Especially, if someone can go through your secrets in your phone without you knowing that, this is why I thinked of bringing you a best solution that will really help in reducing the number of crimes on your mobile phones.

Nowadays mobile phone is one of the trusted storing device thing that most people agreed on to keep their secret inside, where also some other malicious people use this opportunity to deceive many people and break into a person's phone without him knowing.

What Is Mobile Phone Hacking?

Mobile phone hacking is a way of deceiving a person by opening a link, a message, or by installing an app on his phone without realizing that the app will cause him a huge problem later.

and as I explained earlier, you can search for items on your phone, and find none of them available.

How Can You Protect Your Mobile Phone From Getting Hacked?

~ The first step is to avoid accessing things that you have a no idea about, and you should confirm the validity of anything before sending it to someone else's phone, like recieving and sharing link messages from unkown sources, unkown apps, spam email messages and more, this will help you a lot in getting rid of mobile phone hackers.

~ Secondly you are going to install an  android app known as Privacy Dashboard this app will help and alert you of all spying apps installed on your phone for you to uninstalled them later.

The main function of this App is to protect all your privacy from hackers, such as your phone or sound record privacy. This app will remind you of all the Applications that are taking and using your data, so that your phone will be safe from hackers. And I'm sure that you will like to install this Android App very much.

Download privacy dashboard app on playstore
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