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Facebook Viewpoints App, Get Rewards For Completing Every Survey

Nowadays people have chosen to start working online to make a lot of money, as the time is changing so everything is getting easier.

Today I bring you an app called facebook viewpoints, with the viewpoints app you will get a great rewards by answering questions through it regularly.

Viewpoints is an app created by facebook to hear people's opinions about their products and applications in a way that will further enhance their public opinion polls, which the company has now renamed to "meta".

Despite the return of facebook to meta this has not changed anything and the viewpoints app is still working.

How To Make Up To $3 To 5 Through The Viewpoints App

Since we have heard a little bit about what viewpoints app is, now you should also need to know how to get more rewards through the viewpoints app.

But before that it is better to know how to create an account through this app, it is not a difficult thing to open an account especially in viewpoints app you only have two ways to open account on this app, by.

Using Your Email Address

You can create an account in facebook view point with email address, and you will be sent a verification code through it to ensure security before opening the account, after which you will create a security code, which is what you will be using to login to the view point app.

Using Facebook Account

If you have a facebook account, the app will require you to login through facebook and you can always log in to the viewpoints app dashboard by connecting it with your facebook account, this is an easy way to create an account in the viewpoints app.

How Does Viewpoints App Work?

After you have successfully create an account on Facebook viewpoint app, the app will load you a new page containing different menus from the menu you just need to select the survey option. If there is any available survey you will be asked to take it, after you have finished taking the survey, you will get your rewards through your PayPal account or wirebanking.

How To Download Facebook Viewpoint App

If you are already an Android or iPhone user you can download the viewpoints app through your mobile phone App stores.

That's all about Facebook viewpoint app hope you are going to share this article to whom it may help & concern, thank you for visiting my blog.
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