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Check out 10 steps to escape crimes and scams on social media

It is common that at the beginning of any year social networks become more hectic, with content such as photos and videos of travel and parties being posted. However, this movement, without many users realizing it, also makes cyber criminals start to practice more scams both inside and outside these environments.

 Travel photos can indicate to criminals that the user's home is unoccupied, being a prime time for robberies. In addition, by posting vacation routines such as restaurants, a luxury rental car or the like, scammers can assess whether the person is a profitable target, as well as begin to understand their family structure.

 And, of course, there is also the digital risk, where criminals can steal users' accounts to use their names in other scams, as well as charge ransom for returning access to the victim. All this can happen due to simple mistakes, from using weak passwords to accessing the internet via a public Wi-Fi network, without any protection.

How to prevent

Posts on social networks can give information about users to criminals. (Image: Playback/Brett Jordan/Unsplash)

 Even though all these risks appear to be scary, there are ways to protect yourself, we have gathered here 10 steps on how to protect yourself from criminals on social networks, check them out below:

  1.  Avoid giving prior information about the trip and tours that you will be taking, as well as being careful when marking the place where you are;
  2.  Constantly change social media passwords and always look for them to be not simple;
  3.  Use all the security tools that these networks provide, such as double or triple authentication, through SMS or Google applications and others;
  4.  Avoid using public networks to access social networks and, above all, do not access anything on devices that are not yours or trusted people;
  5.  Avoid accepting any friend request and be careful with friendships on social networks, often whoever is on the other side is not what you think;
  6.  Avoid posts that pass personal information (even full name) and data such as phone or bank account. Also protect children's images on social media;
  7.  When leaving the social network, the ideal is always to log out of it, never leave devices open or without a password, not even to 'go to the bathroom', always lock. Also protect your devices with passwords that are not simple;
  8.  In the case of companies or influencers, it is essential to have policies for the use of social networks and to have terms of responsibilities so that the people who will take care of them sign when outsourcing;
  9.  Do not click on links or buttons and anything that is suspicious, even if the person is trustworthy, and always be suspicious of someone asking for personal information and loans, purchases and sales;
  10.  If you have relatives who are not so knowledgeable about the subject, explain and show the ways to protect themselves;
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