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5 SEO Tips And Tricks To Be Among Google's Top

In search of reaching the best positions among the results for searches done on Google? This guide with SEO tips is for you!

If you already know what SEO is, understand how this tool can be relevant to your strategy of attracting visitors to the pages of your website.

With more than 1 billion searches done every month within Google, the engine has become an indispensable platform for anyone who wants to be where their customers are, offering relevant content and helping to advance them every step of the sales funnel.

But how to reach the top positions in search results in an environment as competitive as Google?

Below we have separated a guide with practical and efficient SEO tips, which will bring the expected return!

5 SEO tips to reach the top positions of search engines

1. Keywords

Google searches are done using words, correct?

That is why they are so important in SEO.

If you want to rank a page for a keyword you must use that keyword on your page. Simple, isn't it?

The idea is to make Google understand that your page answers the "question" asked during the user's search.

This understanding is easier when you include the search term in your content.

Of course, this is not the only thing that will make your page rank first in the list of organic results. However, this is the first step!

But, what words to use?

You will need to find out what are the most searched words on Google, within your niche.

The Google Adwords keyword tool - the Google Keyword Planner - is free to help you find which keywords are being searched the most.

From the survey of these words, your team will be able to create pages and content optimized for these terms.

Make sure your keywords appear at:

~ page titles;

~ headers;

~ alt-tags;

~ URLs;

~ meta titles;

~ meta descriptions;

~ title and alternative title of images.

If your website is built on WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin can make it easier to edit your goal descriptions.

In addition, Yoast SEO will show you an SEO analysis of the page, indicating possible improvements.

2. Relevant content

One of the ways to increase the number of pages on your site is by creating a blog and investing in the production of relevant content based on your keywords that you found to apply step one.

Filling your site with quality content is one of the most important SEO tips from this one, and from all the guides you will find.

In addition to contributing to SEO, content marketing is one of the most important actions of Inbound Marketing.

Want to find more tips on how to write valuable content that contributes to SEO and the sales funnel steps? Check out the video tips below.

3. Internal links

Linking between content and pages on your site is another one of the easily applicable SEO tips.

Do you know those words with a different color that appear throughout the text and that you can click? Ready. They are an internal or external link.

This strategy helps to keep users on your site longer by visiting more pages.

This helps Google understand your channel as relevant and is critical for the search engine to place your page among the first of the related results.

If your site or blog already has old posts, review it and insert internal links to other posts on your blog or pages on your site.

The internal link helps the user's navigation and can improve the domain authority and the classification power of a website.

Make sure your links are relevant. Do not link simply by linking.

4. Link Building

In addition to loading your site with internal links, one of the most important SEO tips is to maximize your external links.

Within the link building strategy, the more a page on your site is linked to other relevant sites, the more Google will consider it relevant.

As we have seen so far, relevance is fundamental to “conquer” the Google algorithm.

The objective here is also to make the relevant sites also include links to their content, on their pages.

Attention! In a link building strategy, few high-authority links will do much more for you than many low-quality links.

To get backlinks, contact channels that you consider relevant and that serve personas similar to yours. This partnership can be beneficial for all sides!

5. Pages loading time

The loading speed of your pages directly affects the result of your SEO actions.

Ideally, your site should load in three seconds or less.

A slow page load speed can also lead to a high bounce rate, which can further damage search engine rankings.

You can use the Google tool to measure this speed.

Results monitoring and continuous optimization

By following the SEO tips we have listed above you are likely to improve the results of your pages in relation to the position of the search ranking.

However, to ensure that this is happening, you must monitor the progress of your page positions.

From the monitoring you can identify those that are responding positively to the optimizations made and those that still need special attention.

Unlike paid advertising campaigns, where the results pause when the campaign pauses, with SEO the return continues when you stop touching the material, however, the monitoring must be constant.

Remember that your competitors may also be improving their pages and passing in front of you.

In addition, it is important not to leave your pages with outdated content.

Now that you have the top SEO tips in hand, you can be interested in the content; "The 11 SEO tools indispensable for your strategy".

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