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How to Turn on Data Saver In Android Phone Settings

Nowadays people need to save their internet browsing data for it to take long time before it is finished, in most times this idea usually come into peoples mind on how to save their internet data without their phone comsume alot of data for the internet and social media, but unfortunately can't find a way to fixed this up.

So do you prefer to enable data saver on your android phone to minimize the usage of data on your phone? If yes, then please kindly go through the following guide to enable this features in your android phone.

But before we proceed you have to understand that this features is only available in some of the android phones where as to some it is not available, so please don't get bored if your phone do not have this features because there are other different data saving Apps for android which I'm going to create a post on them for you to enjoy thesame features in your android device as in the other phones.

So if your phone is the kind of phone we are discussing about now, then you are good to go to turn on the internet data saver features in it by following this step by step guide.

~ You first need to go to your android phone Settings and look for Network & Internet, click on it, then find Data Usage as in the below screenshot
~ After that click on the Data Usage and then you will be located into Data Saver option as it is below
~ kindly tap on the On key to enable the Data Saver mode
~ Now that is all, just turn on your phone mobile data. And now you are ready to enjoy data saving features on your mobile phone.


You cannot have access to share your internet connection with someone via hotspot after enabling this mode, also your data will be minimize and will not affect your browsing speed, in my next new upcoming post articles I will make a post on how to activate data saving mode using mobile app on any android phone that does not have this feature.
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