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Get Free 1GB Data Daily On MTN Nigeria Using MTN Zigi Chat Bot

Welcome guys, today i will show you how to get free 1gb data on your mtn simcard using  the Mtn zigi chat bot, but before that, let's quickly know little about Mtn zigi chat bot.

Mtn zigi bot is a new mtn online personal asistance bot that can help millions of mtn network customers, to reach and fixed their problems.
Zigi bot is designed to understand engilsh language only you cannot chat zigi with other languages. and you can only chat zigi on (3) social media chating apps, that is on whatsapp, telegram and messenger.

Zigi chat bot is available 247 to support you, listen to your queries and fix your problems.

How To Contact MTN Zigi Bot On Telegram, Facebook & WhatsApp

You can chat mtn zigi bot on;

Telegram using this link

Facebook using this link

Whatsapp using this link

How To Get 1gb Data From Zigi Zoom Trivia 

In this step i contact zigi bot using whatsapp link, after you click on one of the links I have provided, you will be taken directly to the zigi bot chat room, and start by him sending a Hello message, automatically you will recieve a reply message with all the terms and conditions to accept, in order to bring you into the menu you must click on the accept option. From the menu you will see Zigi Daily Free... as the last option available in the list, click on it and wait, 

Another message will appear, in the meassage you will see Choose Your  Zigi Freebie then reply with 1 and wait for it to send you a picture containing Play Trivia with a link below it

which is the link you will therefore visit in your phone browser and have a quiz for about 2½ minutes, after you finished, if you have passed all the questions in the quiz you will receive a congratulations massage on the page and zigi will send you your data gift within 24 hours.

You can also check some of the questions that zigi bot used to ask below.

Some Of The Zigi Trivia Quiz Question & Answers

*Questions and Answers for MTN Zigi bot*

All answers are going to be enclosed with **

1) Q: Which of the following is not an option in Play services

2) 2face used to be part of which musical group: 
*Plantation Boys*

3) Under play services in Zigi, other services include:

*All of the above*

4) Which of the following is a Lottery Service on Zigi:


5) The guest User menu on zigi includes the following except:


6) R&B stands for
*Rhythm and Blues* 

7) Which of this is not a bridge in Lagos state

*Ikeja bridge* 

8) Who is Karl toriola

9) Who is the former governor of Lagos state
*Akinwunmi Ambode* 

10) Which of theses is a main menu option on zigi

*NIN services*

11) How many channels can you reach zigi?


12) When is zigi birth month?


13) When did MTN start operating in Nigeria?


14) Zigi's icon has the following except?

15) The following are Zoom lottery categories except:


16) There are how many categories under Zoom lottery?


17) Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria started when?


18) MTN anniversary is on which day?
*August 8th*

19) Which of these bridges is not a bridges across lagos lagoon? 


20)the following are gaming services on zigi except 


21) MTN4ME services include all except?

22) where can i download businessday newspaper on zigi


23) where was zigi born?
*Lagos Nigeria*

24)How many options does zigi have 


25) Mtn begin operation in Nigeria i what year


26) Present governor of lagos state

*Babajide Sanwo-olu*

27) President of Nigeria

*Muhammadu Buhari*

28) How many days in April


29) How many days in Feb to make a leap year


30) Which option is NIN on zigi main menu


32) check balances is on what menu on zigi 

33) How many languages can zigi speak?


34) What month did Sound sultan die?


35) How old is Zigi?


36) Zigi is available on all these platforms, except?


37)Which video service is offered by MTN?


38) CallerFeel lets you send _ to your callers?

*Short Messages*

39) You can find Zigi on...?


40) To connect with Zigi, all you need is?


41) You can recharge your MTN line on Zigi through the following except

*Bank draft*

42) Zigi Freebies includes all except?


43) Olusegun Obasanjo is from which state ? 


44)Which of these options is not an FAQ option on Zigi?

*Zigi Daily Freebies*

45) Lottery Services on Zigi include all Except? 


If u don't know a particular question just refresh the page to start the quiz all over.

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