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5 Best Math Solving Apps For Android

The development of A.I apps and Android phone has bring us into the extraordinary world which is full of simplicity. This made our daily activities to become even more easier. Meaning you can enjoy learning things, get teached by some apps, finding solutions and doing more task with your mobile phone without having any problem or wasting of time. Today app development  has taken us into another level by which one can easily solve his problem without deep thinking to find a solution about.

As before we use to crack our brains to findout the right solution to our problems especially in solving mathematics equations, but now technology and A.I development has made it easier for our daily activities interms of solving or finding out the right answers to our problems and so here using your mobile phones and other devices you can also enjoy this technology advancement as now that you can use your android phone to solve most of the mathematical equations to get the right solutions to most of equation you are dealing with.

What Are The Math Solving Apps?

So these math solving apps for Android are simple apps that you can use & enjoy them freely and some can be use online where as some can be use offline, I will now list the best 5 math solving apps with you, to install and enjoy them in your phone. 

These are:

Photo Math

Photomath is a android app that makes use of a android phone camera to test and recognize mathematical equations; the app then present the correct step-by-step answer to your question onscreen. This app is easily to find everywhere you can both find the Android and IOS app version on the internet. [Available On Playstore]

Mal Math

Malmath is another alternative step-by-step math equation solving app, it's super and easy to use, you can input your math equation and wait for few moments to get the output solution to your equations. There's need of purchasing the premium version of the app in the case you want to enjoy more features out of it. [Available On Playstore]

Math Way 

Mathway is another awesome math solving mobile app as it easy and convenient to use, it's design is cool you don't need to go further to learn how to use it, you only need to put your math equations and get started. [Available On Playstore]

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is totally a free step-by-step solving app to use, you don't need to connect it with internet, because all function and tools are totally built based on offline usage. [Available On Playstore]


Symbolab - math solver is the best among the android math solving tools, this app help to solve different equations and teaches everyone who's using it. You can go to your android playstore app and download it. [Available On Playstore]


As a parent, teacher or student you need something that will guide you in your learning activities, so this Is why I shared this article for you to improve your learning skills on mathematics.
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